Est. 1999

       Showroom hours: Wed-Sat 9am-5pm & Sun 10am-3pm
           8301 FM 279
             Edom, Tx 75756

Who's In The Gallery

Joseph Hopps is a self taught artist whose early realistic drawings and paintings later shifted to non-objective paintings in oils and acrylics. Working with wood is another interest Joseph pursued, assembling wood reliefs with painted surfaces in abstract forms. Working with wood moved Joseph in other directions as well, from cabinetry to birdhouse building.
Couple with his building skills and art background, Joseph began to formulate the idea of using bird house construction as an art form. Exploring this form of expression is where he found his niche. It is three dimensional work and painted metal surfaces. It is functional, great fun and of course "the sky is the limit". 
Shoppers see these aviary abodes as whimsical woodland fairy castles for gnomes, hobbits, pixies, tree nymphs and little people. Joseph intends the same and is quick to point out that the birds love them as well.
Presently Joseph designs and builds his creations along with his son, Bobby, in Edom Texas.
Arbor Castle Birdhouses may be purchased at Arbor Castle Birdhouses showroom in Edom, Tx, from our Online Store, and at art shows throughout the US. See the "What's Up" page for our schedule.

                        Joseph Hopps                                                              Bobby Hopps

Aside from birdhouses and faerie castles, Arbor Castle Birdhouses offers other east Texas artists works in their showroom. A few on the list is Deborah Hernandez Originals, Jerry Crites Carvings, Beverly Wallace clay creations and several other east Texas artists.
Arbor Castle also carries an array of yard, porch and aviary accessories such as bird feeders, seed, squirrel feeders, toad houses, decorative hangers, outdoor wall art and more.