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Handcrafted Chimes & Kinetics

Lilly Loop Feeder

Lilly Loop Feeder Copper Patina Hand Made By Artist Joseph Hopps
19″x 19″
Shipping 16.00

Turning Copper Leaf Julia

Turning Copper Leaf  Glass Beads and Indie bells on Heavy Twine
6x 36″
Shipping 12.00

Turning Leaf Jewel Chime

Turning Leaf Jewel Glass Beads and Indie Bells on Heavy Twine. Ship $8.00
6″ x 48″

Turning Leaf Kinetic

Turning Leaf Kenetic Copper Patina Glass Balls
Turns in the Breeze. Ship $12.00

Wild Root Chime

Wild Root Chime Glass Beads Indie Bells on Heavy Twine. Ship $14.00
14″ x 37″

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