Birdhouse Ma 1317

Hollowed Red Heart Cedar Log. Tall Pixie Painted Iron Roof Red with Copper Embellishments 27″ x 7″ $385

Birdhouse M 1217

Hollow Red Heart Cedar Log. Iron Painted Roof Blue Lavender.  Copper Embellished Decor 8″x 29 $395

Birdhouse M 0617

Hollow Red Heart Cedar Log. Iron Painted Roof. Red. Copper Embellished Decor 8″x 28″ $385

Lilly Loop Feeder

Lilly Loop Feeder Copper Patina Hand Made By Artist Joseph Hopps 19″x 19″ $89.00 Shipping $16.00

Wild Root Chime

Wild Root Chime Glass Beads Indie Bells on Heavy Twine. Ship $14.00 14″ x 37″ 119.00

Turning Leaf Kinetic

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Turning Leaf Kenetic Copper Patina with Glass Balls Unique Design Turns in the Breeze. Ship $9.00 $65.00